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Vocabulary Building, Reading Comprehension and Learning

Vocabulary Test   Answer 50 multiple choice vocabulary items and find out your approximate vocabulary size.

Frequently Used English Words   6,000 most frequently used English words.

Vocabulary Profiler   extract words between frequency of 7,000 and 20,000 from a Web page.

Online Dictionary   a clickable online dictionary powered by WordNet database.

Reading Database   Search reading materials by level of difficulty, subject of interest and type of writing.

Reading Online   look up words and idioms while reading on the Web.

Learning Guide   articles and links for learning and learning English

The Universe was born 13 billion years ago in a big bang. The history of civilization on earth is about five thousand years. Knowledge explored and accumulated in last two hundred years is hundred times more that what has been accumulated in last five thousand years. The greatest leap in the history of universe and the history of civilization - the revolution of learning, the way how knowledge is accumulated, organized and disseminated, has yet to happen.

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